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Therapeutic Massage by Lisa Huey, CMT

Swedish & deep tissue

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 Therapeutic Massage by 
Lisa Huey CMT
We often need an extra boost to maintain optimal health. Consider massage as a tool to help you have a greater sense of well being, reduce stress, aid in recovery from a soft tissue injury, increase your range of motion or even shorten the recovery time from a difficult workout.
My intention is to provide a safe and relaxing experience while addressing muscular tension, pain and recovery.  I offer swedish massage with integrated deep tissue, including myofascial release and cross fiber friction. I also offer sports massage for athletes performing and training at a variety of levels.
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Lisa Huey
1434C N Main St 
Walnut Creek, CA

Certified by the CAMTC

(California Massage Therapy Council #4785)



 Member of the ABMP